Why I Was Late Today…

Dear Boss,

I was late this morning. Like, really late. And it was totally my fault.

You see, I decided I would not allow my dog to continue to bark incessantly at the new dog next door. My dog decided our house really, really needed protection from an albino pouch half his size, and wasn’t moving from his post. I also decided that my dog is getting a little too big for me to carry him unwillingly up the stairs away from the other dog. That being the case, I decided to introduce my dog to the new dog so that he would stop freaking the f*** out and come upstairs of his own accord.

It worked. Dog calmed, socialized, and brought back in the house. I am now ten minutes late. No biggie.

I then decided that I would intervene when my three-year-old lost his sh** because he couldn’t wear his pirate shoes – the shoes that have no Velcro left, are too small, and have gone to the great shoe store in the sky. He wanted those shoes. Not any of the other shoes littering up his room which he loved yesterday – no!

I decided that I would reason with him, and when that didn’t work (clearly – he’s three), I decided that I would just comfort him instead. I am now twenty minutes late.

Because I’ve stayed so long, my kids think I am taking them to school. They both attempted to get in my car. I decided to not bring them to work with me (I thought you would appreciate that). I instead helped my husband load them in to his car and strap them in to their seats. I am now 25 minutes late.

Finally, I decided it was time to go to work…harried and 25 minutes late.

So, boss, I am late this morning and I look like hell. It is my fault. Life happened and I decided to take care of it. Perhaps I won’t be late tomorrow morning, but I can guarantee you I will be leaving early this afternoon…

I have decided I need a drink.

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15 thoughts on “Why I Was Late Today…

  1. And you deserve that drink. Don’t just have a drink, though, go out somewhere and get something good. Like a coffee and baileys. or a mango margarita. Have two, because you are mom, and you f-ing deserve it.

  2. Ceil Fessler

    Way to go Meg. Introducing the two dogs should work, but not always. Good luck with that!

    • We need to socialize him more – waaaaay more. He just doesn’t know what to do with other dogs. Puppy parent fail!

  3. 1. What are pirate shoes? I feel as if at my age, I should have owned a pair by now.

    2. Now that the dogs ar

  4. 1. What are pirate shoes? I feel as if at my age, I should have owned a pair by now.

    2. Now that the dogs are acquainted, what if they talk (bark) more now? “Hey buddy! Remember me?”

    3. I thought you were going to say you went for the drink before you went to work. I might have done that. A little rum and Coke to get the day going.

    • Hiya!

      1. Pirate shoes does sound pretty awesome! I wish I could say they were swash-buckle-worthy, but really they are just sneakers with pirate pictures on them. However, my son does say ‘Arrrr!’ a whole lot when he’s wearing them!

      2. If my dog every became a super social chatter-box, I would probably faint of disbelief; a deep swoon at the very least. He is such a scaredy-cat! The dog next door was visiting for a day, but if he became a regular fixture my dog would probably stop going outside all together. There’s probably a puppy Prozac we can hide in his Kibble, but I’m not going there!

      3. I don’t think that would have been out of order! My boss probably would have understood too. He used to keep a bottle of scotch in his bottom drawer 😉

      • Used to? One of the first things they give you here where I work is a bottle opener. It’s standard issue, right after your health benefits and laptop.

      • Where do you work? I’m sending my resume.

      • Red Ventures, in Fort Mill. We have a bowling alley, basketball courts and a beer garden. I’m serious. Put my name down. Oh, and we have a kickass cafe with subsidized meals so you can get lunch for 4 bucks.

        It’s not heaven. It’s Fort Mill.

      • What?? I need to brush up my resume…

      • You have my email address. I’m serious. I write. All.day. And we’re hiring. Did I mention we go on a company trip to the Caribbean every winter?

        All expenses paid. To a resort. In chartered planes. Oh, and with $200 to spend.

      • Damn. Ya, I totally need to shoot you an email.

  5. Ah, the morning mad rush/scramble that every working mother can relate to. I’m sure you have a very understanding boss! I should say, I hope….

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