Mother’s Day: Nailed it.

Dear Kids,

Yesterday was Mother’s Day and I have to say: you nailed it!

The morning started with cartoons on the sofa with my little man, Buddy. Kitten and Daddy went out to bring home the (literal) bacon…and Starbucks.

For brunch there was cheese and baguette with a side of bacon – heaven! I got a whole assortment of flowers: sunflowers, carnations, roses, lilies, and some very nice crayon-embellished paper ones 🙂

It was a beautiful day outside, so we got in the car and drove down to the cemetery to wish your Grandma Margaret a happy Mother’s Day too. On the way down we played the alphabet game and Eye Spy. Kitten would only let people spy things in ROYGBV order and Buddy only wanted to spy red things. On any other day that might have been prelude to a meltdown, but today – in the beautiful sunlight of Mother’s Day – it was adorable and funny.

At the cemetery Kitten helped Daddy artistically place flowers while Buddy played his favorite game: Run Off. Despite his best intentions I got several nice pictures of the kiddos – the cemetery was beautiful! (I’ll post pictures soon – promise!)

Amidst his shenanigans, Buddy stopped suddenly and turned to me very urgently saying, “I need go potty, Mommy!” Uh oh.

There were absolutely no accessible bathrooms, but there were plenty of accessible trees – all conveniently Grandma Margaret-adjacent. We rejoined Kitten and Daddy and explained the situation.

“Seriously?” Daddy said. “Well, sorry about this Mom…” as he led Buddy over to the nearest tree.

“Look at it this way,” I said, “She’ll be so proud that he’s potty trained!”

Later, as I buckled Kitten in for the ride home she asked, “When do I get to meet Grandma Margaret?”

“Well,” I fumbled, “she’s in heaven right now.”

“Oh, ok….So, when does she get back from heaven?”

“Well, she won’t, sweetie. We’ll have to meet her up there. But not for awhile, ok? She’ll wait for us, I promise.”

Kitten suddenly got very agitated, “But, Mom! What about Puppy??”

“Puppy? He can come with us, sweetheart. Ok?”

“Ok. I think he’ll like Grandma Margaret.”

God, kids can really pull at your heart strings, can’t they?

On the way home in the car, Buddy (who remembers the names of a total of 5 people and one of them is Lightning McQueen) started singing a song for Grandma Margaret. It was the first time that he has ever said her name. It mostly consisted of repeating her name over and over with some less intelligible words thrown in, but it was really quite sweet. I’m sure she loved it.

The rest of the day unfolded nicely. There were naps, a nice dinner with my mom, lots of hugs, baths, and more hugs. A really great Mother’s Day.

Thank you, kids, for making me feel like the luckiest Mom around. Thank you, babe, for raising these adorable and ridiculous kids with me. Thank you, Mom, for everything you have taught me. Thank you, Grandma Margaret, for everything you taught your son.

Happy Mother’s Day!



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2 thoughts on “Mother’s Day: Nailed it.

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  2. Love the photo. Sounds like you had a great day.

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