What’re You Trying to Say, Puppy?

Dear Puppy,

You were pretty darn cute when we got you, I’ll admit that. And you are a good looking dog, now even…


But, you have got to cut out this destruction crap!

I’m told that you are a good dog; very calm and friendly. Sometimes I believe that and think it must be me. But then I walk in a room and find this…


Or this…


Which used to look like this…


Or this…


Which used to look like this…


…and I think, maybe you’re just a jerk after all.

It’s not like you don’t have toys. You have sooooo many toys!


It’s that you like destroying stuff whether it’s yours or not.

So cut it out.

…or I’m getting a cat. On a Roomba.

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6 thoughts on “What’re You Trying to Say, Puppy?

  1. He needs a job. That doggie has working dog in him- he’s bored. Try jogging with him on lead- load him down with weight for his morning walk- get him catching frisbee a or balls every day, something active that also makes him think.
    Problem solved.
    Former border collie owner

  2. AND
    A: if you get him working, I promise he’ll be the BEST DOG EVER
    B: he’s really stinking cute.

  3. Dennis Joyner

    He wil top chewing….eventually.

  4. Our dog used to do this with almost anything he could get his teeth into. Now he just does it with mail. Or money if we’re daft enough to leave it lying around – hubby not me. Several times.

    • I would probably lose it if he destroyed money. I’m hoping he’ll grow out of it…of course my bedroom was littered with torn up tissues this morning, so probably not any time soon. Oy!

      • Oh I did lose it. With him and the husband. He probably will grow out if it but it’s wearing wile it goes on. So many pairs of shoes with only one wearable. He owes us a fortune.

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