Smells Like Toddler Spirit

Dear Buddy,

Oh! Did I forget to mention that you are completely potty-trained? Right after your 3rd birthday we went cold turkey on pull-ups and three days later you were done. Woo hoo!

We have commemorated this occasion by banishing the bathroom smells from your room. We emptied your diaper pail, washed your sheets and comforter, washed all your laundry, vacuumed and even installed a new bed. Your room is transformed and fit for the big boy you are now.


Big boy bunk bed complete with bed sheet cave

And yet…it still smells unmistakably of boy. Some permanent combination of feet and men’s room.

How is that possible?? Where is that coming from? What haven’t I cleaned? Is this just ‘boys room smell’? Will I never be rid of it??

Realization: My God…it’s only going to get more pungent as you grow…isn’t it? :: shudder::

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7 thoughts on “Smells Like Toddler Spirit

  1. They all stink. The stink varies, and you’d think before puberty the stink would be less… But it’s not. Man stink is man stink from the day they’re born. I try to cover it up in our bedroom with woman smell, but that doesn’t work either. His side of the bedroom stinks like man. Every object he owns stinks like man. It’s impossible to be rid of– give up.

  2. OMG three days? I don’t even want to talk to you 🙂

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