The House Always Wins

Dear Kids,

I pulled on my superwoman big girls recently and decided to attack the house. The house kicked my butt.

I got blisters on my hands from sweeping. Bending to clear the floors before vacuuming threw out my trick knee. I pulled something in my foot while lunging with the vacuum cleaner. Doing the laundry dried out and cracked my hands. The cleaner I used on the bathrooms burned in all those little cracks.

I have learned two things:

1) The house hates me.

2) I’m not doing that again.

You win, house. You win.

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2 thoughts on “The House Always Wins

  1. two words: Cleaning Lady.
    Not that it has to be a lady. If your could find a cleaning dude, totally hire him. If I could find a cleaning dude, I’d hire him on the spot, just because then I could tell everyone that I had to pick up before the cleaning dude comes. Or, the cleaning dude is coming tomorrow. or the cleaning dude stole my jewelry….

    • Ha! I think I need to choose between exterminator and cleaning lady. I need an exterminator because we’re slobs. Of course if I have a cleaning lady, I may not need an exterminator anymore…hmmm…potential!

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