Who’s There?

Dear Kids,

At some point a few months ago, we got in to a frozen waffle kick. We started giving our toaster oven a real work-out. The problem was that every time the toaster ‘dinged’, Buddy thought someone was ringing the door bell.

The waffles would finish, the toaster would ‘ding’, and Buddy would take off for the front door, throw it wide and be really confused when no one was there. “Mimi??” he’d call. “Papa??” Super cute, right?

We had fun with this for a little while; Kitten in particular. She would make the toaster ‘ding’ over and over causing Buddy to do laps between the kitchen and the door…again and again. It was pretty funny, but also pretty annoying.

After we’d had our fun we showed Buddy that the ‘ding’ was really the toaster; that nobody was at the door. Now, when the toaster ‘dings’ Buddy still goes running for the door. He opens it and says, “Toaster??”

That boy ain’t right.


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3 thoughts on “Who’s There?

  1. I’m crying laughing at this!! LOL Seriously, I can imagine Oscar doing something similar 😀 xx

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