Dear Kids,

After the passing of my Aunt Anne, I was honored to receive the rosary that was wrapped around her wrist when she became ill and remained there until she passed away. This particular rosary has even more significance because it belonged to Anne’s mother, my grandmother Emmie.

Some time ago another rosary came in to my possession; one that had belonged to my father’s mother, my grandmother Bebe. When I realized that I had the rosaries from both of my grandmothers I knew that I needed to create something special with them.

And so I did…


Grandma Bebe (L) and Grandma Emmie (R)

I found these frames with concave mats which allowed me to drop in the rosaries in front of the pictures. I popped in some photos of my grandmothers at about the age of mid-thirties – the same age I am now.

I like these photos a lot. Obviously Bebe is laughing, which I love. What you can’t tell from this view of Emmie’s photo is that she’s sticking out her tongue. I just love that I have these silly, joyful moments from both ladies memorialized with mementos that they each held dear. When I see them it reminds me to be silly and joyful as well 🙂

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8 thoughts on “Rosaries

  1. Ceil Fessler

    Awesome Meg! My Mom did have a pretty good sense of humor (at times…). It’s interesting that both rosaries are red.

    • They are actually almost exactly the same, accept Bebe’s has a small additional charge on the end. It’s possible Emmie’s did too and just fell off at some point. I think that’s another thing I like – two very different women, on opposite sides of the country, getting the same rosary which will one day both be passed down to their mutual granddaughter 🙂

  2. Mary Jones

    Yes, I was thinking the same thing. Both rosaries are red and I haven’t seen many of those. Most are blue for the BVM. Thanks for sharing this post on the day of Aunt Anne’s funeral.

  3. Barbara Ottke


  4. Miss Fanny P

    I love this. Well done you.
    I need to start praying mine!!!

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