Parent Confession #…oh, who the hell’s counting…

Dear Kitten,

Once, after putting you to bed like 16 times, you stood at the top of the stairs whining…again. So, I turned the channel to My Little Pony, put the volume up real loud and pretended I was watching your TV shows without you.

I thought I was hilarious. You less so.

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6 thoughts on “Parent Confession #…oh, who the hell’s counting…

  1. Mean Mummy lol 😉 xx

  2. That’s a dangerous game. Very dangerous game. The rewards could be worth the risk, but one never knows until the winner is declared.

  3. That must have felt good. Kinda. At least for a little while.
    She’ll never remember the actual awful things you’ve done. She’ll make up new ones when she’s older that will have your mouth on the floor.
    Perception is reality.

  4. It’s so frustrating when they won’t go to bed! One day they’ll be able to handle themselves, if not sensibly on this issue, then at least “by themselves”. Everyone needs a little space!

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