H2O Intolerant

Dear Buddy,

This text conversation went down recently between my boss and me:

Me: Good morning! I was up all night with a sick Buddy. Taking him to the doctor this morning. I’ll check back later, but I don’t think I’ll be in today.

Boss: No problem. Take care of him.

Me (later): Buddy is fine. He had a very high fever that was unresponsive to ibuprofen. He’s on Tylenol now and bouncing of the walls.

Me: The dog, however, has a stomach virus. Yuck!

Boss: Keep them separated!

Me: Funny you should say that. I just walked into the kitchen and caught them sharing water…from the dog’s bowl.



Boss: Gross.

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3 thoughts on “H2O Intolerant

  1. Me:
    Me: gross.
    Very funny.
    In fact I know firsthand- the kids share EVERYTHING with their beloved dogs.

  2. There must be something in the water…other than dog spit. All my kids are puny, too.

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