Busted in the Bathroom

Dear Kitten,

The other day I was taking you and Buddy to the bathroom before we left your school. The children’s bathroom terrified me the first time I saw it: no stalls. Thankfully, no one over the age of 5 uses these toilets. They are very small and brightly colored…and right there in the middle of the bathroom…exposed. They are perfect for potty training large groups of children at the same time. And – blessed be to God – there is a teacher stall in the back with walls and a door.

On this particular trip to the potty Buddy was taking advantage of the bathroom acoustics to sing a lovely rendition of ‘Shout Loud and Long’ – you’ve probably heard your own children do a cover of this on long road trips. It’s a pre-school favorite.

Kitten immediately shushed him before I got the chance. “Buddy, no! You’ll get your picture taken and be in real big trouble!”


“Kitten, what are you talking about?” I asked.

“There’s a camera on the wall! If you are too loud it takes a picture of you and sends it to the principal’s office and you get in to trouble.”

I looked up on the wall where she indicated and saw exactly what she was referring to: a shiny, black box mounted on the wall…an air freshener.

“Kitten, that’s a…” Hm. Let’s think this through, Self. “Yes, that does look like a camera. You’d better behave yourself, Buddy! Well, I’ll be outside. The principal will let me know if you guys aren’t behaving yourself!”

And I have not had to hang out in that bathroom since. Thank you, Urban Legend!

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One thought on “Busted in the Bathroom

  1. Ceil Fessler

    This is priceless Meg. Just wait until they’re teenagers and you tell them (or they read it) about this!

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