Nothing But the Tooth

Dear Buddy,

You have had an intimate and well-documented relationship with your toothbrush. You love to brush. Just a few days ago you were sitting on the couch happily brushing both sides of your mouth at once with two tooth brushes.

It seems a little unfair, then, that at your first dentist appointment you should be struck with TWO massive cavities. Wha-??

How does a three year-old have cavities anyway?? Well, it turns out it’s two parts fun with genetics and one part raisin addiction.

Your father has a tooth enamel deficiency, which he was gracious enough to share with you. Your mother has incredibly deep grooves in her teeth, which she was kind enough to pass along as well. Such generosity! What does this mean for you? This means anytime you eat something sticky (like your beloved raisins) it gets stuck deep in your teeth and you get a cavity in about 0.5 seconds. This could put a serious damper on your love affair with your teeth.

I hope that’s not the case, though. I have never seen a kid so good at the dentist as you!

Today at the specialist who will be filling your cavities, you walked in to the exam room and made a bee-line for the chair. Before the technician could even ask, you put your head back and opened your mouth. “Wow!” she said, obviously impressed.

When you had your x-rays done she said, “We have ten year-olds that aren’t this good at x-rays!”

When she left the room to get the doctor, you took the mirror off the tray and tried to examine your own teeth.

You rock at the dentist!!

Which is good. Because you’re going to be there a lot.

Tooth brush buddies

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6 thoughts on “Nothing But the Tooth

  1. Mary Jones

    Maybe even BE one???

  2. My very best friend is a dentist, and has always had that love affair with her teeth. Interesting that we’re friends, however, because I was taken to an old army dentist as a child and have a terriblr fear of dentists. It’s probably make a great post, if it were ever funny, which it will not. Give Buddy my condolences. And get him some gas. If he’s going to have crappy teeth, at least get him high for it.

    • I would be pretty darn appropriate if he became a dentist – we shall see! They are, indeed, going to give him laughing gas to do the fillings, but just because he is so young. When he grows up he’ll have to suffer through them like the rest of us!

      • Maybe the rest of you… I have general anesthesia for cleanings. I have to see a special dentist that caters to big babies.

  3. What an amazing little boy! Evelyn only likes brushing her teeth so she can suck the toothpaste off the brush. What a brave boy! He very well may become a dentist!

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