Ladybug Personality Test

Dear Kitten,

Your class made these little ladybugs out of plates and construction paper dots. They were hung in the hallway outside of your classroom. I couldn’t see the names to tell whose belonged to whom, but I scanned the prospects and knew immediately that this one was yours:


Here’s why:

1) It had the most dots of any other ladybug. You always want to have the most. Most is important to you. Your teacher said when she poured the dots on the table and before she could tell the kids how many to take, you grabbed as many as your hands could hold and then ran back to your seat. That’s my little hoarder. Good grief…

2) They are impeccably arranged. All nice and in a row, like-sizes grouped together. Good glory, girl, you are persnickety!

This ladybug makes me laugh. I’ll keep it in my little scrapbook and think about how once upon a time, you were a grabby, perfectionist, little girl in contrast to the generous, creative young woman I see you becoming more each year 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Ladybug Personality Test

  1. Good girl. At least she made a ladybug… My sons ladybug would have been a cockroach. Way to go Kitten.

  2. All Kitten did was create the ultimate elevated Lady Bug that would kick a Scarab Beetle’s butt.

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