Serenity Is Not Freedom From the Storm, It Is Peace Within the Storm

(Title quote by Anonymous)

Dear Kids,

I love thunderstorms. Summer storms in particular.

When we were kids, my sister and I shared a bedroom. On stormy nights we’d pile in to my bed under the window and sit with our chins resting on the sill, getting spritzed as the rain sprayed us through the window screen. We didn’t care.

We’d just stare up through the trees and try to catch the lightning streaking between the breaks in the canopy above our house. We’d giggle with the thrill of the thunder booming against our chests. We’d count between every flash and echo to see how close we were to the heart of the storm.

We loved summer storms.

When our faces were sufficiently damp, we’d pull back and lay down, head to foot, on my bed. We’d close the window just enough to not flood the bed, but open enough so we could hear the rain and thunder. We’d lay our towels under the window and on the sill so we wouldn’t get in trouble and whoever woke up first would conceal the evidence of our stormy indulgence.

Ah, summer storms!

My favorite summer storm happened on vacation at the beach. Unfortunately, my sister was not there (college), and I could only describe it to her later, which hardly does it justice.

My parents and I were staying in a little bungalow on stilts on the North Carolina coast. We had all turned in on a dark, moonless night. I was abruptly awakened from a deep sleep by a deafening boom and a startling brightness in my room. I immediately got out of bed and stumbled through the dark to the screened-in front porch.

The air was electric; all the hairs on my arms stood on end. The rain was soft like static. Everything was very still. Suddenly, a flash of light from the left lit up the sky, framing the roofs of the neighboring houses. A deep, vibrating rumble rolled slowly over the landscape, left to right. It was all very dramatic.

The storm picked up a steady rhythm; flash, silhouette, rumble, static. I was soon joined on the porch by my mother and father. We sat there sat-by-side in our little shelter, immersed in the storm; 1 am on a Thursday at the beach. I’ll never forget it.

I love summer storms 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Serenity Is Not Freedom From the Storm, It Is Peace Within the Storm

  1. Your niece, Miss, on the other hand, not so much a fan! I’m sure she’ll come around and one day you, me, Miss and Kitten will sit on a porch and enjoy a good storm together. :o)

  2. Bart

    Nice bit of writing.

    I remember that storm. It was thrilling!

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