Independence Day…a Dog Day of Summer

Dear Buddy,

You had a blast (pun intended) this forth of July! You ate chips (lots), rolled down a hill (repeatedly), saw a fire truck (without necessitating a fire), and played with sparklers.


Probably the highlight of your evening, though, was when you walked up to me complaining that you had something stuck in your teeth. You opened your mouth wide and…two gigantic pills rolled out of your mouth. Wha??

Turns out you’d gotten into your cousin’s dog’s medication. Awesome. After the initial shock, we took stock of the pills and concluded if you’d actually ingested any of the pills (doubtful), you’d get hungry (thyroid pill), not have a headache (Advil), have improved joint function (glucosimine), and have a nice shiny coat (fish oil). Honestly, I almost wish you’d taken the fish oil. Your coat’s been looking a little dull…


Puppies on the move...

Happy 4th!


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5 thoughts on “Independence Day…a Dog Day of Summer

  1. Haha sounds like fun was had by all! Glad it wasn’t anything serious he’d tried to munch xx

  2. What a day. And a big “whew!” that all turned out well. Happy sparkler day to you all too!

  3. Ha! I love this, it shows your second mom-dom. I met a first time mom with an almost two year old over this past weekend, and she was nervous as a bunny rabbit. She even thought we would all think she was a bad mom if her kid didn’t eat all her lunch. ALL HER LUNCH! HA! I don’t worry unless there’s a bone sticking out.
    I’m glad he didn’t eat anything dangerous, of course, but I’m thinking about some fish oil for my kids… I could just hose them off instead of the whole bath procedure…. My time is valuable, after all.

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