Mitts Up!

Dear Buddy,

You fell in love with this little pair of blue, gray, and green stripped mittens. You wore then when it was cold and you wore them when it was hot. You loved them.

Despite my objections, you wore them in the snow repeatedly last winter. We bought you snow gloves and snow mittens; nice, water proof, and warm. You would have none of them.

When the snow soaked through your mittens and froze your fingers you cried big, elephant tears – not because your fingers hurt (which I’m sure they did) – but because I was forcing you to remove your precious mittens.


Then, one fateful day, one mitten went missing.

You scoured the house. We all helped you look. You protested all attempts to leave the house with out the lost mitten. You wept at our heartless insistence that lost mittens are not worth missing school for. You wore the mitten – the single, pathetic, lonely mitten – to school for two days.

We eventually tucked the mitten away in your sock drawer. Out of sight, out of mind.

A week or so later a miracle happened! The other mitten popped up in the laundry! Rejoice! I placed it on my bedside table and imagined the joyful scene the next morning when I reunited boy with mittens.

The next morning you woke me up by bopping me on the cheek with a mittened hand. “I have a surprise for you, Buddy!” I reached for the other mitten. Gone.

Hm. Maybe he’s wearing that one. I got up to retrieve the original mitten from your sock drawer…no mitten.

So…which mitten are you wearing, Buddy?

It was infuriating! I had been counting on providing my little boy with a matching set of coveted mittens! How hard was it to keep track of two mittens??

I scoured the house again with no luck. While Buddy napped, I took the single mitten and placed it purposefully on top of my dresser – solitary confinement. It is in protective custody until we find his mate.

I am considering video surveillance.

Follow-up: about a week later I found the other mitten under a seat in my car. The boy was joyfully reunited with both mittens and wore them religiously throughout the spring until I hid them for the summer. Because I don’t care how much you love them – it’s freaking hot and you’re not allowed to wear mittens!!

Reunited, and it feels so good...

Reunited, and it feels so good…

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2 thoughts on “Mitts Up!

  1. Good going! You’re such a nice mommy.
    I go to battle over a long sleeve Yankees tee-shirt every day. I think I’m just going to let him wear it for a while, maybe put it on him with a pair of cords and his cowboy boots and let him go play in the 95 degree and humid outside world. Maybe take a look out the window every hour or so to make sure he’s still upright… Maybe.
    Life lesson.

  2. I wish I could get Stella on mittens. She insists on gloves, but doesn’t have the patience to put her fingers in correctly. She ends up looking like an industrial accident victim….or like she’s flashing gang signs.

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