Shaving Cream: Because Messy Is Fun

Dear Kids,

I tried something yesterday that I’d wanted to try for awhile now (since I’d seen it on Pinterest last winter): shaving cream balloons!

The dollar bins at Target provided the motivation: a cheap bag of water balloons. Score.

The first balloon shot off the shaving cream nozzle like a mini green rocket. The second one didn’t inflate more than a table spoon. The third time I figured out you have to push the whole neck of the balloon on to the nozzle so the cream can shoot straight into the wide part of the balloon and expand. We’re in business!


I made about 8 of them off my very used can of shaving cream, but even the underfilled ones did not disappoint. They did not pop when we threw them at each other (which is just as well since you kids always aim for the head), but they made a very satisfing pop/plop sound when they bounced off us and burst on the grass. We were left with a blob of shaving cream on the lawn:


…and then the fun began…




The bonus? It’ll wash of in the next rain, it won’t hurry the grass, and the dog wouldn’t go near it. Parenting win!


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One thought on “Shaving Cream: Because Messy Is Fun

  1. Cool, need to try that one!

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