Little Boy Blue…or Yellow…or Blue?

Dear Buddy,

Your father and I have been keeping an eye on your color recognition for a while now. At first it was a game to you: name every color except the color it actually was. What fun! You are a little imp, after all. But then we’d think…was it a game? Or were you actually having trouble?

Your teachers reported that you knew your colors. We took their word for it. Only…sometimes we weren’t so sure.

This weekend I was sitting with you in the dining room when I noticed three markers on the table: green, red, and orange. I picked them up and held them in front of you. “Where’s the green, Buddy?” Nailed it. “Where’s the red?” Got it. “Which color is this?” Orange – perfect.

I shouted over my shoulder to your father in the kitchen, “I think he’s finally got this color thing!”

“Try the blue and yellow,” your father suggested. I found the blue and yellow and added them to the mix.

“Where’s the blue, Buddy?” Points to the yellow. “What color is this, Buddy?” (Holding up blue) “Lello?”

We went through it several times and you got blue and yellow wrong more than half the time.

Now, of course, you are still only three. You could just be legitimately confusing blue and yellow. And, honestly, you can be bad at your colors at this point in life and still get in to the college of your choice in 15 years – we’re not sweating the small stuff here.

That said, I was curious. Also, color test are fun! 🙂

I found this color blindness test specifically for toddlers and let you look at it for a solid 2 minutes:

Toddler Color Blindness Test

Toddler Color Blindness Test

People with normal vision will see two shapes: a bright yellow circle and a faint brown square. People with some sort of colorblindness will only see the yellow circle.

Buddy, you saw the yellow circle immediately. “Circle, Mommy! Wight Dare!” However, even with my prompting (“Are you sure you don’t see any other shapes??”), you could not see that brown square. Interesting…

I sent the picture over to my sister and asked her to quiz our father and her son while they were hanging out for the day. My nephew spotted both shapes immediately without coaching. My dad on the other hand…could not see the brown square.

The plot thickens!

Colorblindness is frequently an inherited trait, although it can also come from head trauma. So, basically Buddy – you’re doomed.  To colorblindness at least.

Sharing laughs...and colorblindness?

Sharing laughs…and colorblindness?

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6 thoughts on “Little Boy Blue…or Yellow…or Blue?

  1. Brown is overrated, anyway!

  2. A friend of mine is color-blind and he is pretty much a genius. Maybe the two go hand-in-hand? 😉

  3. Well, Kindergarten will be rough, but by the time he hits first grade, his true genius will have been spotted, and brown will only be for chocolate and poop.

  4. Aww… poor buddy! But I would say, give it some time. He might actually be alright!!

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