Proud Mama Day

Dear Kitten,

Last Sunday was one of those days that I don’t want to forget. It was not a terribly significant day, no milestones were met, no celebrations had; it was by all accounts a normal Sunday. But it was also pretty wonderful.

Here are the highlights:

1. At the Kmart where I took you and your brother to shop for a present for your cousin you weren’t just on your best behavior…actually, you were pretty much on your typical, “Can I have that?” “What are you going to get me?” behavior. What was great was that every time I said “no” or “that’s too expensive”, you didn’t give me one ounce of lip, pout, or complaint. You said, “Ok, Mommy. Maybe when it’s on sale.” Be still my heart!

2. On our way back out to a different store (still on the hunt for a present), you asked me to go back while I was channel surfing on the radio. “Mommy, the song with the guitars!” It was Jessica by the Allman Brothers. “I like this song, Mommy! It’s from your show.” It’s the theme song for Top Gear; a show Daddy and I love to watch. “That show makes you and Daddy laugh! I like that show!” An appreciation for classic rock? That’s my girl!

3. We went on a hike. We don’t go on many hikes, so this was a total parental crap shoot. We walked along a really nice creek armed with changes of clothes just in case. We didn’t know how our not-risk-taking-fearful-of-water-and-new-things little girl was going to react to so much outdoors, nature, and water…

Creek_Kitten 2   Creek_Kitten Buddy

In short – you rocked it! You had an adventure!! You fell in water, scrapped your knees, got rocks in your shoes and HAD FUN! All without a single complaint or whine. Each time you just brushed yourself off and continued scrambling over the rocks like a little mountain goal. Also – it should be noted – you did it in pearls 😉

4. Here’s where you really blew me away. That night, at bedtime, you discovered you were out of both underwear and pajamas (your laundry being in the washing machine at the time – d’oh!). Previously this would have been a total meltdown: “Mommy!! ::sob:: There’s ::hiccup:: no underwear!! I can’t ::gulp:: I can’t ::sob:: I can’t wear anything! How could you do this to me??” …seriously. I’m so not exaggerating here. We’ve been working on curbing the drama and using words to ask for what you need instead of getting emotional which helps no one and just frustrates your parents…a LOT.

Here’s what we got on this particular night:

Kitten: Mom ::deep breath:: I don’t have any underwear.

Me: Ok, sweetie. I’m sorry about that, but your laundry is all in the washer right now. You can wear some of this smaller stuff or go commando tonight, ok?

Kitten: I’ll ::deep breath:: I’ll wear the small stuff, please.

Me: You can change it first thing in the morning, ok? Your laundry will be ready then.

Kitten: Mom, I ::eyes watering up, struggling to contain:: Mom, there’s no pajamas. Mom. Pajamas ::deep breath::

Me: Ok, well here, these are a little big, but they’ll get us through tonight, ok?

Kitten: Ok ::big sigh::

It should be noted that you carried a deep look of concern on your face throughout this conversation. Once you were dressed you stood in front of me, visibly disappointed, but not an emotional wreck. You’d held it together! I was so proud of you! So I told you so. You beamed 🙂  You were proud of yourself too.

That night, I kissed you goodnight and recapped the day; spending time with you, your adventure, your mature handling of a “crisis”.

“I loved watching you today – you were amazing! Thank you for today. You are pretty awesome, sweetheart.”



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2 thoughts on “Proud Mama Day

  1. Ceil Fessler

    And you were great Meg in detailing for her all the things she did right and how proud you were of her. Way to go both mom and daughter!

  2. She is just adorable! What a lovely young lady!!

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