The Cleaning Lady

Dear Kitten,

You wanted to earn a little extra money to buy a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle doll. I told you I’d give you a dollar to clean your bathroom. I showed you what to do and then…five bathrooms later, you were a rich girl.




Your favorite part? Scrubbing the toilet bowls. “Mommy, it looks like the Cat in the Hat left a ring in here! We need to clean that up!” Go for it!

Heard at one point, “Mommy, can we get another toilet brush? I need one in every bathroom.” Done! Sweetheart, you can have all the toilet bowl brushes you need if you keep this up.

Who’s got two thumbs and doesn’t have to scrub toilets anymore? This Mom!

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10 thoughts on “The Cleaning Lady

  1. Mary Jones

    Dear Kitten, I have two bathrooms, too! A dollar a bathroom is a BARGAIN!! Let me in on this deal!

  2. Sigh. I wish mine wanted money. They have no need, they have horrible grandparents who give them anything they want the instant they ask. Even before they ask.
    Worse, they think this is some big secret from us, like we don’t know that when we drop them off we’ll be coming back to children plus whatever they wanted from the toy store and huge chocolate grins.

  3. Ceil Fessler

    Way to go Kitten! That’s one of my least favorite things to do house work wise.

  4. Hmmm… our bathrooms need some cleaning. I wonder if I could entice my little pets to do some scrubbing for 2 quarters. Because they still think that the number of coins is more important than the value.

    • How smart are you!!! If Only I could go back in time, I’d teach them that and reinforce it till their high school math teachers complained.

  5. Woohoooo, Kitten! Wait – you have 5 bathrooms?

    • We have 6 bathrooms. Don’t go thinking we live in a mansion or anything – it’s a 3 bedroom house with an office. The woman that built the house was just crazy for bathrooms. It’s funny because when we were house shopping we only had one bathroom and we were desperate for an extra bathroom so we wouldn’t have to share with the kids…be careful what you wish for!

      • Wow! This is really going to come in handy when the kids are teens and you can’t get them out of the bathroom.

  6. I can’t wait until I have my own little labor force!!

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