So…That Happened…

Dear Kids,

The other day we went to the pet store to get some bones for Puppy. We dropped you off in front of the cat cages like always, which is a good way to distract you while we shop for dog supplies in the aisle behind it. Now, Kitten has been asking for a cat for about 2 years now; specifically, a black cat with white spots. So, when we walked up to the cages and saw a black cat with white spots, I joked, “Look, it’s your cat!”

Out of no where a gentleman walked up, key in hand and opened the cage, unbidden. “I foster this little guy. Do you want to hold him?” Uh, sure.

I took the little fellow on my shoulder and he immediately set in to purring. Blood pressure dropped. Felt soooo good. Around the corner zoomed Buddy, who had been following Daddy, but came running at the sound of a cage being opened. If previous cat experiences were any indication, this was when the cat should have gone tearing down my back, claws out and ears back. This cat…just kept on purring.

It was amazing! I held it, Kitten held it, Daddy held it, even Buddy held it. The little guy just kept on purring. Daddy looked at me and said, “If we’re ever actually going to get a cat, this is probably the one.”

I took that and ran with it, my friends! Introducing, the new member of the family:


Of course, now that we have a kitten, I’m gong to have to rename Kitten. Ack!

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8 thoughts on “So…That Happened…

  1. vicfes

    Heyyyyyy…he looks like Norman and Nellie !!!!  Very cute….congrats !!!  Good choice !!!! ♥

    Sent from my Verizon Wireless 4G LTE Smartphone

  2. Awesome!! Looks like you have found one laid back kitty.

  3. I would have painted some white spots on my black cats and let your daughter take her pick. I’m overwhelmed!!

  4. Terri

    Looks like you were all smitten by the kitten! (The feline version, that is. Of course, I’m sure you are smitten by your very own human Kitten as well…)

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