There Are No Accidents

Dear Kids,

As I mentioned earlier, we got a cat. He’s super chill and I love him already. We knew we wouldn’t be keeping his original name, because…well, it was the same as Buddy’s. Not happening. We are still working out what to call the cat, although the front runners are Po, Mikey, and Chocolate Chip. I like Chocolate Chip because he perked up when Daddy asked Kitten (here on known as Kit to avoid species confusion) if she wanted chocolate chips in her pancakes. I also like the idea of a cat who appreciates chocolate, even if he can’t have any. So, this story is about the evening we picked up little Chipper.

Kit and I went over to the home of the Cat Rescue Lady to pick up the cat. She opened the door and rushed us in before any of her cats got out…her many, many cats. Many.

In the one (small) living room I counted about 25 kittens sharing 4 very large cages that came up to my shoulder. Some of the kittens stayed in the cages and some wandered about wafting their various odors up at us.

Oh, the odors! Wow. Just, wow. At least Cat Rescue Lady had the grace to acknowledge the smell and apologize for it. “How many cats have you got in here?” I asked, trying to contain the urge to hide my nose in my shirt.

“Oh, it changes daily. Some of these guys are sick, or going in for surgery. They leave and others come in.” Great, my child and I are hanging out in a kitten half-way house. I indicated that I had to get home for…something really important…ya, that’s it. So, we moved a long to the paperwork.

About 10 minutes in to our necessary information session, a little grey and black tabby started to climb my leg. He was super cute and looked just like my first kitten which I got when I was 12. I had named him Skittles and he was my pride and joy until he passed away when I was 23. As I bent down to untangle the kitten’s surprisingly sharp claws from my jeans, the Cat Rescue Lady tsked, “Skittles! Get down from there!”

I nearly swallowed my tongue. “That cat is NOT named Skittles,” I said.

“Ya, the shelter named him that. It’s cute, right?” While my mouth hung open, a little white and orange cat snuggled up next to Skittles II. My sister’s cat was white and orange…just like that one.

“Umm…that other cat doesn’t happened to be named Sunny, does it?” I asked cautiously.

“No. Why?”

“No reason.” Reality restored.

We continued to fill out the paper work while I willed the hair on my arms to go down. I casually asked how old Chipper was exactly. She gave me the cat’s estimated birth date and I almost jumped straight out of my chair…Buddy’s birthday. The cat with my son’s name also has my son’s birthday. Is the hair standing up on your neck yet? Because mine was.

Apparently, we got the right cat.


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3 thoughts on “There Are No Accidents

  1. Dennis Joyner

    Hi Meg…Yes…the universe does talk to us! I’d say the universe designated that cat for you! I just had an unbelievable incidence happen to me his summer. I hope you have time to read this because it’s truly unreal. We had a good tenant 7 or 8 yrs ago named Elaine. Elaine was a hard working young woman with 2 children…and she managed a Bombay store in Norfolk. After about 2 yrs she got transferred to a store in VA Beach and it was too far for her to drive every day so she vacated our unit. I was sorry to see her go because she was rarely ever late with her rent and was a good tenant. I usually forget the tenants the minute they leave…I try to do that on purpose because I hate the rental business…but for some reason this young woman stuck in my mind. So here we are 7 or 8 yrs later. The unit Elaine lived in was sold last year, however, another one of our units came vacant one street over from where she used to live. Well…the unit just sat and sat…I couldn’t seem to nail down a good qualified tenant. I kept telling Dennis that we needed Elaine back…and he would just laugh and say, “Yeah…what are the odds?” I must have told him this 3 or 4…or more…times from April to July…but we hadn’t heard from Elaine since she left…and who knew where she was? One day I got a call from a woman who worked at Cox Cable…said she had 4 kids…and would like to see the unit at 4:00 that afternoon. I agreed…grabbed Dennis….and we were out the door. We got there early…3:00…so we could pre-clean. Dennis drove the truck…I drove the car. We got in the subdivision and there were trucks everywhere…parked in the lot…the visitor spaces…and our units spaces. After much jockeying of vehicles Dennis finally got parked in front of the unit. I was still milling about…trying to get to a space…and I see that Dennis is talking to someone in a white Honda. I hear him say…”there she is…talk to her”. Me…he’s talking about. The woman parks…gets out of her car and goes to stand in front of the unit. I don’t recognize her at all. I finally get parked…get out…walk up to her…and she says, “Hi Ms Joyner…I know you…I’m ELAINE!!!! HELLO UNIVERSE AND THANK YOU!!! Rest of my story…Elaine rents the unit. The woman that called…that was supposed to be there at 4:00…calls at 4:00 and says she she can’t make it. Would I please not forger her? How could I? If not for her I wouldn’t have been there at 3:00…and I would have missed Elaine! Yes, indeed…the universe does talk to us…we just gotta listen! Luv U Guys, Aunt ‘Nita

  2. Oh- name him Po. That was my dogs’ name- I lost her last summer, but she lived to be 18, and was healthy for nearly all those years, and was THE BEST DOG EVER. Your cat should be called Po’.
    Incidentally, her name was actually Wesopowecouldn’tevensffordanameforourdog, but po for short.

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