Sleeping In and Transformers

Dear Buddy,

I went in to your room to wake you up this morning and found you in your ‘Defensive Fortress of Sleeping Bag’. You often do this – wrap yourself up in a ball of sleeping bag – to shut out the world or just to play hide-n-seek.

I snuggled up to the Defensive Fortress of Sleeping Bag and whispered ‘Good Morning!”

“No,” the Fortress replied. “No morning yet. I not ready.”

I snorted, “me neither, Buddy! Would, that it mattered…”

I almost felt bad for throwing open the curtains. Turns out the Fortress is not light-proof.


Dear Kit,

Driving home from school this week, I parked the car and prepared to disembark. I looked back and saw you sitting there with this far-away look on your face.

“Mommy,” you said still gazing into the middle distance, “If  your car was a Transformer…it would transform into a squirrel…and it would definitely climb that tree.”

Ok. So…I guess I’ll be calling the school to ask about gas leaks…

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