Bold Faced Lies…and Fruit Snacks

Dear Kids,

On our drive home from school on Friday, I gave you each a packet of fruit snacks. Kit promptly opened hers and began to snack. Buddy, however, had a little trouble opening his and they landed soundly on the floor of the car. He began to moan.

Me: What’s up, Buddy?

Buddy: moan

Me: Kit, what’s wrong with Buddy?

Kit: He dropped his fruit snacks. I’ll get them for him!

Me: Thanks, Kit.

Buddy: moan

Me: Kit, did you get them?

Kit: Yes.

Buddy: moan

Me: Are you sure? Are they still on the floor?

Kit: No.

Buddy: moan

Me: Kit, why is Buddy still moaning?

Kit: Because he dropped his fruit snacks.

Me: Well, didn’t you pick them up for him?

Kit: Yes.

Me: Well…

Buddy: moan

Finally at a stop light, I turn around in my seat and see the pack of fruit snacks sitting on the floor between their seats.

Me: Kit?! You said you picked them up!

Kit: But I couldn’t reach them!

Me: Then why did you tell me you did??

Kit: I dunno.

Me: ?!?! ::deep breath:: That’s lying, Kit. I’m disappointed in you. That was a bad choice. Do not lie to me again, do you understand??

Kit: (tiny whisper) yes, mom.

Whoever said little children are always honest was either a liar or an idiot.

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4 thoughts on “Bold Faced Lies…and Fruit Snacks

  1. All little kids do is lie. See that purple monster over there? No, I didn’t pee on the cat box. Mommy, I cleaned my room… etc. etc.

  2. LOL – little children are only honest when they tell you you’re fat or have a big nose or smelly breath. Otherwise, they’re often excellent stretchers of truth!

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