Your Police Officer and Angry Birds

Dear Kit,

You had an exciting day of school on Friday. You drew this picture during a lesson on Police Officer Appreciation. It looks like you took ‘appreciation’ to the next level, though:


It says “Kit ❤ Pules (police) Ofusr (officer).” The police officer is on the right and there you are next to him…holding his hand. And next to you are your three children with your police officer: Flower, Butterfly, and Rainbow. They are different sizes because Flower is the oldest and Butterfly is the youngest.

I asked you, “Kit, are you going to marry a police officer?” You answered, “Yes! And we’re all going to wear purple!”

There you have it folks! When she grows up, she shall wear purple…and name her children Flower, Butterfly, and Rainbow. You heard it here first.

In other news…you made a friend on the bus! We don’t have his name yet and he doesn’t appear to be a police officer – yet – but he does have the same bus stop as you. On the ride home on Friday he gifted you with an armful of free-handed Angry Bird tattoos – I hear this gesture is the height of kindergarten compliments:


The arm on the left is his artwork and you liked it so much you did the one on the right yourself. Is there anything more bonding than scribbling on friends? I think not! Way to go on making a bus buddy, Kit! 🙂

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20 thoughts on “Your Police Officer and Angry Birds

  1. That’s… a lot of appreciation for one police officer! Ha!

  2. You never know – she may grow up to marry a police officer! Here’s to hoping the children’s names don’t come to fruition, though.

  3. Ah, Kindergarten. They go in your sweet little things, and come out your used to be sweet little things. Do you have full day Kindergarten?

    • Yes, full day. But, she’s used to that. She went to full day pre-K.

      • That’s cool, J didn’t have that option. He did, however spend the first four years of his life vascillating between a career in fire prevention and one in law enforcement. Id want to set them up, but now he’s decided that “Ninja” is the career path for him.

      • Perfect! Callie loves the Ninja Turtles…does your son happen to have a greenish complexion? This could work out…

      • No, not greenish, and he’s not allowed to watch ninja turtles (I think it’s too violent for his little sister) so he, as well, is completely obsessed with them and watches them whenever he thinks he can get one over on me.

      • Match made in heaven! Shall we betroth them now or wait until they are a mature ten years old?

      • Lets just get the paperwork done now. Would you say she’s worth two camels and a mule, or one camel and two mules?

      • Let’s see…she’s really good at math, but also a bit of a nag, so let’s go with a camel and two mules. Isn’t it nice getting this out of the way?

  4. 1. I wonder if I have gushy pictures I drew in kindergarten of me and NRP reporters or meteorologists. It would make sense.

    2. Smooth move on the Angry Birds tats. I did it all wrong back then. I tried to make the girls laugh. They did – but wound up with the boys with great hair anyway.

    3. Maybe her choice of kid names indicates she’ll become a celebrity. They’re the ones who can name their kids North, Scout, or Pilot Inspecktor.

    • I wonder if the Angry Birds Kid will grow up to be a police officer…full circle! He may still challenge her on those particular names, though – regardless of how famous she is 😉

      • She might end up being the police officer, and he can be the swoony one.

      • I would be A-Ok with that, except that she is decidedly averse to loud noises – sirens in particular. Could be a stumbling block: “Where’s officer DeBoe??” “She’s over there with the ear protection on under her hat. Don’t startle her or she’ll shoot you.”

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