Miss Independent

Dear Kit,

With your new Kindergartner status, you have been experiencing a ‘can-do’ revival.

For example, last weekend you woke up and got dressed unbidden…


…although your choice was ultimately vetoed.

You took the bull by the horns and finally planted my mum’s…


…until you lost interest and went inside to draw flowers instead of work with real ones.

And, lastly, you made your own lunch (chicken and stars soup)…


…except for opening the can, adding the water, and pouring it in your bowl…basically, you just stirred.

Yes, it’s been quite a revolution for you lately. Complete independence here you come!!

…except for doing your own laundry, washing your own dishes, buying your own clothes, driving yourself to school…so maybe you still need me just a little, eh?

No worries. I’ve got your back…every bath night.

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One thought on “Miss Independent

  1. J and K are both going through an Independence stage. J refuses to walk with his little sister and me on the way home from the bus stop- he walks with an older boy (who’s a little brat, but that’s neither here nor there) and k refuses to be helped into the car or strapped into her car seat lately. “I do it my SELF”. Whatever… Do it yourself… just keep to a time table.

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