I Am So Smart! S-M-R-T!

Dear Kitten,

This evening…

Kitten: What’s that, Momma?

Me: That’s my degree. It means I’m smart!

Kitten: Mom! I didn’t know you were smart!

Me: Really? You didn’t even suspect?

Kitten: Nope. I did not ‘epeck’ that.


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3 thoughts on “I Am So Smart! S-M-R-T!

  1. my children do not epeck that either. They think they got me on the smart-o-meter.

    • It’s really just confirmation of my suspicions of her estimation of me. She’s always so surprised when I’m correct…she’s five, but obviously so much more worldly. Obviously.

      • Mine will fight me to the death over any answer he feels is correct, and will not give up until I show him, by some other means, that he’s wrong. Every. Time. Over the dumbest things.

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