Smells Like Toddler Spirit

Dear Buddy,

After picking you up from school:

“Mommy, your car is stinky. It gross. It smell like…me. It dirty. You better wash.”

Both you and the car, apparently.

(To be fair to the car, it is the little boy within it that makes it so stinky.)

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4 thoughts on “Smells Like Toddler Spirit

  1. LOL. Cute

  2. I noticed the same about my family car yesterday. Then I inspected the backseat– and the found all the food I thought they ate over the past several weeks rotting away underneath the giant piles of toys and toy trash. I think it’s time to clean the car again. Damn, that happens so often.

  3. Reminds me of when I caught Stella wiping boogers on the window next to her car seat and then bitching about how it was hard to see outside.

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