They Might Be Giants

Dear Kids,

The other morning you both woke up and Buddy announced that he had a giant. Not to be out done, Kitten confirmed that she, too, had a larger-than-life companion.

Buddy’s giant is really big, but can also fit under the bed. Kitten’s Giant is 100 feet tall.

Buddy’s giant is really nice and wants to play, even though Buddy said he really doesn’t have time for that right now (busy, busy, busy…). Kitten’s giant, on the other hand, does not want to play. Her giant is really hungry and wants to eat all little girls and Mommies. She suggested that we hide in the giant’s sock so that we smelled too stinky for him to eat us.

I decided, of the two, I’d prefer to go have a cup of joe with Buddy’s giant and call it a morning.



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One thought on “They Might Be Giants

  1. I think kittens giant sounds a little more giant-y. I mean, he eats mommies and little girls. What’s more gianty than that?

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