RIP Beatle

Dear Cat,

You learned about death today.

One moment you were playing with your new best friend, Beatle…Ah, Beatle. So full of life, vigor, and the vague allure of possibly being food. The next moment one of the large mammals is crunching Beatle flat while mumbling something about pests.

Pests?! Poor friendly, tasty Beatle! Downed in the prime – possibly – of his life!

You cried, Cat. For, like three minutes.

Meow? Nudge.

Meow? Nudge, nudge.

For three minutes. It was so pathetic, we may never kill a bug again.

Just kidding, bugs stuck and I hate them way more than you like them. Suck it up, flea bag.

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5 thoughts on “RIP Beatle

  1. Oh the poor kitty. I mean, what does he really have to look forward to in this life… Oh right. He’s a cat. His whole life kicks ass.

  2. I’m okay with the cat killing bugs as long as I don’t have to listen to the crunching while he eats it! Yuck!!

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