Can You Feel the Love Tonight?

Dear Kids,

It looks like love, right? The animals being all sweet and chummy with each other?


Ya, don’t be fooled. This is the treatment the dog gives the cat when the cat has…fleas.


Did I ruin the mood?

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10 thoughts on “Can You Feel the Love Tonight?

  1. So they’re like monkeys? He grooms her? It’s kinda sweet in an icky sort of a way 😉 xx

  2. Sarah Wincovich

    Revolution… You can get it from the vet and it keeps fleas, ticks and ear mites away. Works great! I used to use Frontline, but it stopped working.

  3. She’s right– frontline failed completely like 3 years ago. Fleas are immune to it. Revolution, and if that doesnt work– Sentinel.
    Happy day! Now the cat AND the dog have fleas.

    • Wow. I didn’t even know that was a thing. Frontline-immune fleas?? Great. I wonder if I should even bother using up the last of our frontline if it’s useless.

  4. Useless. Completely, except to the dog, fleas taste gooooood…

  5. And remember, it’s a pesticide, so you have to switch asap and consult your vet about how much is too much to give, if you plan to double up.

  6. Thanks, NTT!

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