So, You Want to Be a Super Hero?

Dear Buddy,

You came home from school the other day with a birthday card sporting Iron Man, The Hulk, and Captain America. “Super Heroes!” you shouted with enthusiasm. Not being too familiar with the Avengers (I know, parent fail), I made some introductions.

“That’s Iron Man, Buddy.”

“He have super power?” you asked.

“No, Buddy. Iron Man is an engineer!”

“Engineeeeeeeeeeer!” you shouted.

“That’s right. He builds stuff and invents stuff. Engineers are really cool! You know, you could be an engineer. Would you like that, Buddy?”


You were impressed. Now you think engineers are super heroes. And you know what? I’m inclined to agree.

Super Heros_dearcrazykids

Be a super hero, kid!

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3 thoughts on “So, You Want to Be a Super Hero?

  1. Love!!!

  2. Fantastic spin!!! I could be Rock Girl?

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