Suckers Anonymous

Dear Kitten,

You are a thumb-sucker. A dedicated, heals-dug-in thumb-sucker. You are also getting your first adult tooth and turning six in a couple of months.

I don’t care how dug-in you are – the thumb-sucking has got to stop.

We’ve tried everything so far: The no-bite nail polish doesn’t bother you; the hot peppers/hot sauce works, but you just wash it off in the middle of the night; bandaids, gloves, and other barriers are likewise tossed off in the middle of the night. We were considering temporary thumb removal.

We bemoaned, “This would be a whole lot easier if we could just take her thumb away like a paci.” …Hold on a tic. Like a paci. Hmmm…

Would it be possible to fight bad habits with bad habits? The lesser of two evils? Could we downgrade you from a thumb-sucker to a paci-user? Like Nicorette for smokers?

Kitten, you were resistant at first. I talked to you about your new adult teeth growing in and how your thumb would make them grow in badly. I must have finally hit home, because you agreed to try it.

Night One: Paci success. No thumb-sucking for the very first time!

Night Two:  Kitten says the paci feels weird, but she is sticking with it. Even seems very happy about not sucking her thumb 🙂

Night Three: We are in a roll. This might actually work!

Another twist to this is when it comes time to kick the paci habit, you and your paci-addicted brother can do it together. Kind of like a support group for suckers.

Founding members of Suckers Anonymous

Founding members of Suckers Anonymous

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2 thoughts on “Suckers Anonymous

  1. I had a thumb sucker too…she had no interest in the paci, and while she too is 6 and a half, the thumbsucking has subsided on its own.
    Now enter the nail biting!
    Good luck!

  2. I’ll join, but I’m a whole other kind of sucker. I have it written across my forehead.

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