Dear Buddy,

My mother sneezes in threes. It’s bizarre and uncanny, but reliable. You don’t offer her a sneeze-related salutation before the third sneeze – it’s just prudent to wait it out.

I sneeze no less than three at a time. I have never in my recollection ever sneezed just once. It’s usually in the neighborhood of 6-12. My record is over 30 in one sitting – I was driving at the time. It was…exciting.

I’m not sure if sneezing can be genetic, but I’d like to make the case that it is.

When your father and I brought you home from the hospital, we took you around the house and introduced you to your new domain. In response you let out a barrage of little baby sneezes – one right after the other.

We just laughed. “Well,” your father said, “at least we know we brought home the right kid. He is definitely yours!”

Definitely. And Gesundheit.

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3 thoughts on “Sneeze-a-holic

  1. Ceil Fessler

    I think it may be genetic Meg. I didn’t realize this until I lived with Mom and Dad, but whenever we would sit down to dinner, Dad would sneeze three times and then we would say grace. Unbelievable how consistent he was at doing this. LOL!

  2. I get it, although personally I’ve grown into my multiple sneeze lifestyle. My husband and son, however have to go pee, both of them, the instant you ask them to please sit down for dinner. It’s gotten so that I tell them 5 minutes early to please come to the table. Genetic? Probably. Lots of weird things are genetic.

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