Clean My Clock

Dear Kids,

Do you know what one word will stop a relaxing, well-earned shower dead in its tracks?


This was, of course, immediately followed by little fingers clawing at the edges of the door whilst I desperately tried to rinse soap out of my hair – then eyes – as quickly as I could. The invasion was imminent.

they will find you

I had time to don one corner of my towel before you two – children who were supposed to be SLEEPING – flung wide the door. “Mom! We need another night light. Buddy was looking at your under the door. You’re wet.”

I may not be relaxed, but at least I am clean. And – apparently – still on the clock.

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5 thoughts on “Clean My Clock

  1. Always on the clock! Even when we shower and especially when we try to poop! Just saying 😉

  2. Hahahaha! Thank you for the laugh. 🙂

  3. Kids I can almost handle and excuse. Who I cannot excuse is my husband. No matter how often I plead with him to JUST LET ME HAVE 10 MINUTES TO MYSELF IN THE BATHROOM, he will unlock the door and come in to talk at me. It never fails that my daughter will be hot on his heels with my son screaming in the living room, angry that he’s been left alone. Sigh.

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