Strep Back, Please

Dear Buddy,

You got strep throat. Yay. You’d had a cold/allergies for a solid two weeks, which wasn’t surprising considering the amount of time you spent playing in the bountiful leaf piles in the yard. So, your continuously running nose and cough were no indication that anything out of the ordinary was going on with you. Business as usual.

But, then you started acting wild. Really, really wild. So much so that even school made a point to let us know. You weren’t listening, you were hyper, you had absolutely no control. You would just run around with wide, glassy eyes, which is how you look when you’re overstimulated. You also started wetting the bed.

Then, when we got home from school Friday, you turned your head and there was a big lump in your neck. That’s it! To the doctor!

With absolutely no other symptoms but a lump, hyperactivity, and my gut, we showed up at the pediatrician’s office on a Saturday. Lo and behold: strep throat.

We started you on antibiotics immediately.


You calmed down, school noted you seem to be back to your old self, and you stopped wetting the bed (knock wood!). Oh, and your lump is gone too. Thank you, antibiotics!

But, I have a question for the Mommy Blogiverse out there: Has anyone else experienced hyperactivity as a symptom of strep, or is that just my weird kid?

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14 thoughts on “Strep Back, Please

  1. I’d take a lump in the throat if it meant I could be hyperactive when it comes to putting laundry away, or washing my car. Or changing the fish tank. Next time Grace bounces off the walls, I’ll check her neck. I’ve never heard of this side effect!

  2. Katie

    My 5.5 yr old was diagnosed with strep today–so ironic!–but his weird side effect was an all-body rash (looked similar to measles! Scary!) and he was the exact opposite of hyper.
    Sorry, mom, it’s just your boy! 😉

  3. my 5yo had strep last week and she was really hyper the day before her fever and sore throat. it was strange. She has had strep quite a bit recently so we actually have an ENT consult now!

  4. Glad he’s feeling better!

  5. I never knew strep could cause hyperactivity in children. That’s so strange! When I’ve had strep, I am laid flat on my ass for a week! I’m glad he’s back to his normal self now.

  6. vrein11

    a weird reaction for sure! But my kids have been known to have extreme pain in their legs and hips and be diagnosed with strep. That was bizarre!! Kids are strange creatures aren’t they??!!!

  7. I’ve never even heard of such a thing!! Glad he’s on the mend, though!

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