Roll to the Rescue

Dear Kids,

Last week the little viewers in our household (you guys) were all, “Ninja Turtles!!” This week you are all, “Rescue Bots!”

Rescue Bots are literally Transformers for tots. You get cameos from Optimus Prime and Bumble Bee and they end every episode with a moral – good stuff.

So, I thought it was cute when Buddy was getting dressed the other morning and was saying the Rescue Bots tagline over and over, “Rescue Bots, roll to the rescue!”

…Only…What’s that he’s saying?…That doesn’t sound quite right…

“Rescue Bots, roll to…my butt!” followed by a barely muffled giggle.

Maybe Rescue Bots should make a show on classing it up.


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2 thoughts on “Roll to the Rescue

  1. Yep, my kids like to add the word “butt” to a lot of things, apparently this is the funniest thing ever. Now that it is Christmas we have songs like: Silent Butt, Holy Butt; Away in a Butt Butt; Rudolph the Red Butt Reindeer, you get the picture. Also, they’re called Rescue Butts.

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