I Know I’m Old Because…

Dear Kids,

I know I’m old because, now when I have dreams about hot, movie star hunks, we’re having coffee and talking about our kids instead of…what we used to do. Which was much less that when I was ten years younger.

The other night I dreamt that Christian Bale moved in next door and after we both dropped our kids off at the bus stop, your Dad and I went to his place for coffee. Johnny Depp joined us. They were both very pleasant.

I’m so old.

christian bale brings me coffee johnny depp coffee 2 Hey boys, let’s grab a cuppa.

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3 thoughts on “I Know I’m Old Because…

  1. Was there food too? Did they have baked goods? That would have made the dream truly great! Sigh, I’m old too.

    • Unfortunately, it was just neighborly coffee…no nosh. Although, i imagine Mr Bale is an impeccable host. Next time I’ll add brunch 😉

  2. I have dreams where Adam Levine was my roommate and we had intense conversations about his musical inspirations.

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