What a Waste of a Good Excuse

Dear Kitten,

You threw up last night – yuck. No fever or anything and (thankfully!) it only happened once. I think it was a combination of eating mostly junk all day and then running around outside like a crazy person. We put you to bed and figured we would reevaluate in the morning.

This morning – Monday morning, and typically a school day – I asked you how you felt.

“Not good Mommy. Really not good.” (starts moaning.) Crap.

“You realize that you get to stay home today no matter what, right? You’re on Christmas break and your school is closed. So, tell me again. How do you feel?”

“Oh. I’m feeling a little better, I guess.” (sits up and smiles.)

“That’s too bad. If you were feeling a lot better you could come visit my office with me.”

“I feel great Mommy! I feel excited!” (starts doing somersaults.)

Drama queen…


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2 thoughts on “What a Waste of a Good Excuse

  1. I had one of those “random vomit out of nowhere with no additional symptoms” last week. It was a Christmas miracle it wasn’t a virus.

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