Big Hero 4

Dear Buddy,

Just after Christmas you saw your first movie in the theater. We say Big Hero 6. You loved it!

big hero 6

On the drive home, you were a non-stop super hero peanut gallery.

Buddy: I tell a super hero story!

Mom: Ok, Buddy. Let’s hear your story.

Buddy: Der are fwee super heroes and two bad guys.

Mom: Three super heroes? Who are they?

Buddy: Mommy, Daddy, Kitten, and Buddy.

sper hero family

Mom: That’s four, but keep going. What are our super powers?

Buddy: Mommy super power is flowers.

Mom: Flower power, eh? Ok, sure. What’s Kitten’s super power?

Kitten: Running fast! Buddy, my super power is running fast, ok?

Mom: Alright, what’s your super power, Buddy?

Buddy: My super power is…DANGER!


Dad: That might be the best super power I’ve ever heard of.

Mom: Ok then. Danger it is! What’s Daddy’s super power?

Buddy: Donkey.

Mom:…Daddy’s super power is…donkeys?

Buddy: Donkey.

Mom: Like, he throws donkeys or something? What does he do with the donkeys, honey?

Dad: I smell like ass.

I may have snorted leftover movie soda out of my nose. Your super power is Danger after all.

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