The Incredible Buddy

Dear Buddy,

I know it isn’t fair to compare you to your sister. Especially academically. This is a girl who loves counting, reading, writing, and worksheets. We get her school workbooks to play with and she does statistics for fun. Comparison isn’t fair…but it happens.

So, when you wouldn’t even draw so much as a circle at three years old, we were concerned. You had no patience for drawing or practicing your letters. Sometimes it was comical…

“What letter is this, Buddy?” (A)




“A letter, Buddy. What letter?”


“Try again.”


“What card are you looking at??”


“Be good at sports, kid…”

Five minutes later, after we’d given up, you’d casually walk past a bunch of letter magnets, grab the ‘A’ and casually announce, “A is for Alligator. Chomp, chomp!”

I began to suspect that you weren’t a moron, you were just a smartass. Which, I can appreciate.

So, I shouldn’t have been surprised when out of the blue at a restaurant one night about two months ago you grabbed a placemat and all at once not only scrawled out your first letter, but your whole name:


Ok, it’s backwards, but still – letters! In sequence!

Followed that same week with your first ever drawing:

Your first family portrait

Your first family portrait

While we tried not to be too surprised, we were. We really, really were. Surprised and relieved. Ever since you have been churning out family portraits, race cars, and robots, and slapping your name on every one of them…sometimes even written forwards. 🙂

You rock, little smart alec!

You rock, little smart alec!

Follow up: I picked you up from school yesterday and learned that your teachers started teaching the students how to write/trace their names…that day. Not before. Which means…two months ago you taught yourself how to write your name. Impressive, kid. Very impressive.

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5 thoughts on “The Incredible Buddy

  1. My son draws our family portraits a lot like buddy’s, only we all have very large knees. He’s very into knees.

  2. We’ve had a similar art and writing burst at my house. While she’s been reading for eons, Stella’s letters and drawings were….unimpressive. All the sudden, BAM. As long as she has googly eyes to glue on her work, that is.

  3. Is he a lefty by any chance? I’ve heard they learn to write backwards first – totally normal.

    • Nope, he seems to be a righty! I wondered for a while there because he doesn’t swing a club, hockey stick, or bat consistently right or left, but when he picks up the crayons, it is always right.

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