Road to Recovery…RIP Pacifier

Dear Buddy,

It was me. I killed your pacifier. The last pacifier.

It was hanging on by a thread; your emergency pacifier. The one you were relegated to after you lost your two good pacifiers in quick succession.

It was sitting on your dresser, all chewed-through and gross, so I picked it up while your back was turned and…snapped it; pulled  the tip of it clean off. I put the pieces back on the dresser and waited for you to notice.

“Mommy! Paci bwoken! Bwoken!”

“Oh no, Buddy! That’s too bad. I guess it’s time to sleep without one. You’ll be ok, Buddy. You’re a big boy. You take all your naps without a paci. You’ll be just fine.”

And, you know what? You were. You even slept in and you woke up happy. What’s more, you didn’t cough at all last night – a first!

Which is why, when I spied both of your good pacifiers stuck between your mattress and bed frame, I pocketed them and said nothing.

So, despite your sister reporting that you got out of bed after tuck-in and searched the room with a flashlight for a paci, this will be our new normal. No pacis, no coughing, good sleep.

You can thank me later…or hold a lifelong grudge, whichever you prefer.


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2 thoughts on “Road to Recovery…RIP Pacifier

  1. Gasp! Meg! How could you?! (Just kidding!)

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