The Writing Process Blog Tour…Much Belated

Dear Kids,

8 months ago my dear friend over at Naptimethoughts said some super nice things about me (see below) and invited me to participate in her Writing Process Blog Tour. Apparently I had a massive case of ADD that day and I totally missed it (some days I need very small words and pictures for information absorption).

Meg writes children’s books, and blogs a diary to her children about their day to day that makes me absolutely double over with laughter. Our writing styles are similar, but she writes waaaay better stuff, and in quantity that makes it look like she just throws it all together in 5 minutes, and out comes the perfect post every time. She is her own infomercial. She pisses excellence. Tell me how please, so I can steal your methods because I am interested. How are you so tremendously awesome? Read Meg’s blog if you don’t already. You probably do already, though, because she kicks total ass.”

Freaking awesome, right?? You should go check her out. I mean, obviously she has amazing taste.

Naptimethoughts      Naptimethoughts      Naptimethoughts      Naptimethoughts      Naptimethoughts 

Anyhow, down to business. The idea is to reveal your deepest, darkest blogging secrets so that the rest of the blog-i-verse can suckle off your borrowed creativity like a literary-vampire realize how much better their process is. Here we go:

1. What am I working on right now?

Um, other than this post? Keeping two human beings alive and mildly well-adjusted? Sitting here pining for someone to discover my brilliance in a sea of other mom-bloggers? Decimating a bag of salt & vinegar chips? Take your pick. Oh ya, and that other thing that I get paid for…the day job. I’m really quite the multi-tasker.

2. How does my work differ from others in its genre?

It doesn’t really. But, let me distract you with this video of my kid shaking his groove thang.

3. Why do I write what I do?

Because I think it’s important that my children and the universe in general know how ridiculous they were when they were drunken midgets little.

Exhibit A

Exhibit A

4. How does my writing process work?

Step 1: Keep ears open.

Step 2: Write that sh*t down.

Step 3: Immortalize beautiful moments like this for posterity…

Me: Are you guys eating your lunch in there?

Kitten: I am, but Buddy’s just spinning around and farting.

Good times.

So, that’s my process. If I blog prolifically (sometimes) it’s only because some days I write 6 posts and save them up for those creatively dry times. I highly recommend it.

Now to pass this tour along to two other unsuspecting bloggers. Let’s see, whose process would I like to steal know more about? How about:

1) My girl over at SoloMamaLife. She makes me want to move to Canada and be neighbors. How fun would that be?? Is maternity leave retroactive over there? I’m not gonna lie, that would be awesome.

2) My buddy over at DramaticMomologue. She is also my first pick for blog drinking buddy. We would light up the town! …and probably pass out at 9pm. But first we would LIGHT UP THE TOWN!

If you are looking for some mom-blogs to follow, I highly recommend them 🙂

Have fun!

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4 thoughts on “The Writing Process Blog Tour…Much Belated

  1. THANKS!!!!! And yeah, 9:00 would be about right.

  2. Ahhhhh!!!! You just made my day!! Thank you! I’m gonna write the post today. Thanks, friend!

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