Kicking Ass(thma)

Dear Buddy,

We had our asthma follow-up yesterday with your pediatrician!

For those of you just joining us, Buddy had been coughing for a long time. He’d been coughing so regularly at night that it was the norm; some people snore, Buddy coughed. He’d cough when he slept, ran, had a cold, or got too cold. Two weeks ago he was diagnosed with asthma. It was a bummer, but not unexpected.

We were prescribed 2 inhalers and a daily allergy medication. We began the inhaler; 2 puffs twice a day. after the first day – only one day! – the coug was gone. GONE! Isn’t science great??

About a week after we started the inhaler, we began applying a nightly salve prepared by my trained herbalist friend (see also: My Own Personal Hippie). The salve is supposed to work like a daily allergy med would, and we were happy to give it a go. One less medication, hopefully.

The unforeseen bonus was it smells quite refreshing, which has really helped the stinky boy situation going on in Buddy’s room right now. So that’s nice.

The salve is applied to the bottom of the feet. My OPH told me how that works, but I honestly don’t recall (sorry!). However, it aligns with an old wives’ tale I’ve heard about putting Vick’s vapor rub on your feet to stop a cough. The feet is where it’s at apparently.

Is it working? I don’t know yet. Like any daily allergy treatment, it will take time for the effects to be apparent. He’s usually a mucous machine. He’s fine right now. If he remains fine we shall declare it a huge success and order a vat of the stuff from my OPH 🙂

About nine days in to our two week inhaler course, we dropped the ball. We forgot to give Buddy his inhaler…for two days. Since we were going in soon for his check-up we decided to let it ride and just watch him.

The cough did not come back. We took him out in the cold – no cough. We let him run laps around the house – no cough. We took him outside to run around a playground in the cold – no cough. Awesome!


At his appointment his doctor was impressed. His lungs were clear and his breathing sounded great. She couldn’t believe he’d reacted so well to the inhaler.

She said he looked good enough that he didn’t even need daily allergy meds. In fact, she said unless he has symptoms, we can full-stop all treatment. He’s been down-graded to ‘intermittent’ asthma caused by a reaction to allergic rhinitis. So, basically, if we can control his allergies, we should be able to control his asthma.

Woo hoo!

Tonight I will happily pack up the inhalers, spacer, and mask and tuck it away for later. Do I think there will be a later? Yes; Until he completely out grows the asthma. I think each seasonal cold will probably give him some trouble. But, perhaps the allergy salve will help keep that manageable too.

I just want to give a huge shout-out to my pediatrician and my herbalist (OPH) for never once thinking I was crazy, for answering every question, and for being just as excited that Buddy is off to the races again! 🙂

Go team!


::Soap Box Warning::

Please note, the salve is NOT an asthma treatment. Herbal remedies are NOT a replacement for seeing your doctor. My OPH told me this explicitly and before she gave me any consultation. If you have a cough, take some honey. If you have a chronic cough – see your doctor!

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3 thoughts on “Kicking Ass(thma)

  1. Great news!

  2. Woo hoo..So happy. I would also recommend hot steam and saline drops for nose. It really works! No harm. Besides, you can make your own saline drops!!

  3. So glad for y’all!!!!

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