A Short Catalog of Parenting Fails

Dear Kids,

I was thinking about all the times that you guys have survived our parenting. All those times when we messed up and you guys were okay despite us.

Item #1: That time in the hospital after Kitten was born when we spent 2 hours trying to console her before finally desperately calling for the nurse who told us, “Ok, so you know you’re going to have to change her diaper every once in a while.” Oooooh.

Item #2: That time when Daddy changed Kitten’s diaper after a midnight feeding and I got up with her in the morning wondering why she was wearing two diapers.

Item #3: That time when I was still getting used to walking around with a baby in my arms – elbows out, their head sticking out past your elbow…it’s an adjustment in width. I may have knocked baby Kitten’s head into the door jam..more than ounce. Sorry.

Item #4: That time when baby Buddy made an unauthorized jump from mushed up baby food to solid food by swiping his sister’s chicken strip and eating half of it before I noticed.

Item #5: That time I sent toddler Kitten to school in leggings and a dress…with her pajamas still on underneath. How does one even do that? Without noticing??

Item #6: That time when I thought Buddy was just a red-cheeked little boy, but it turned out he was allergic to my lip balm. He was literally allergic to my kisses.

Item #7: That time when I took a picture instead of helping you. I’d do it again.

IMG_8618  IMG_8620

It’s amazing you’ve come as far as you have, kids. Hang in there. We’re not done yet 😉

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12 thoughts on “A Short Catalog of Parenting Fails

  1. Bahahaha! At least you’re failing in an amusing way. Full disclosure,I’ve done the door jamb thing…more than once. I’ve never doubled the diaper but I’ve forgotten it once. It was…messy.

    • Ooh dear. I forgot once during potty training. It rained little poop pellets out his pant leg at my father’s house. Fun.

      • Nice. Don’t talk to me about potty training. It’s like birth- we can compare horror stories after but don’t scare the crap out of me before it happens.

      • Ha! Be strong!

      • I give you my potty training mantra: They will not go to college in diapers.

      • Thank you, wise one. I’ll write it somewhere the baby wont eat it.

      • Oh- just remembered my ‘best’ parenting fail: Dear Baby, sorry for thinking you were yellow because you were half Asian and not realizing you were jaundiced.

  2. The pj’s underneath is impressive, still giggling. I probably did something like that too but my sleep deprit brain has lost the memory…

  3. Hahaha! Number 6 is great! This reminds me of when Daddy got up to change my newborn’s diaper, and forgot to put a new one on…

  4. Hahaha! I love this list! The door jam one made me laugh out loud – that has definitely happened a few times here too (poor littles)

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