There Goes the Perfect Attendance Record

Dear Kitten,

Congratulations! Today is the first day of your spring break!

…why is the school calling me? My student is absent? You’re open??

Happy spring break, kid. Now, get your backpack, you’re going to school…extremely late.



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13 thoughts on “There Goes the Perfect Attendance Record

  1. lol that is awesome! She doesn’t look too happy about going to school! Our spring break is next week 🙂

    • That actually wasn’t a pic from today since I’m at work and my wonderful, kind, and handsome husband will be covering for my mistake (although it was his fault he trusted me with the school calendar), and taking her back to school. This was another occasion this week when she wasn’t too happy about something…such difficult lives these children lead!

  2. Oh nooooooooo! She looks stricken!!

  3. Oh goodness! Poor Kitten 😉

  4. bahahaha! Brilliant. I bet the teachers got a chuckle out of this one!

  5. LOL! I would totally do something like this, too.

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