Unauthorized Participation in Easter Sunday Services

Dear Kids,
Easter was a roaring success…if success is measured in pounds of candy. You two netted over 5lbs of candy between the Easter Bunny and three egg hunts. The Mommy Chocolate Tax will be taken.
We visited my sister and her family for the Easter weekend, and I know that spending time with your cousins was probably your favorite part of the whole weekend, as it should be. It was a lot of fun – loud, but fun.
Probably the most memorable moment of the whole weekend happened at church Easter Sunday morning. We dressed the four kiddos up nice and snagged front row seats right before the service started. After a few songs the children were called to the front for a special children’s service in the multi-purpose room. They filed out and service continued.
After the homily the children trickled back in. They came from a side door about 30 feet to the left of the chancel (stage/altar/what you will). We were in the front row on the right side of the chancel, so our kiddos had to cross in front of the whole congregation to return to their seats – not a problem, just something to keep in mind.
First came the 9 year-old…alone. Not a great sign. Where were the little kids?? We sent the big kid back to get the little kids; Crossed in front of congregation.
9 year-old came back with his 3 year-old sister; Crossed in front of congregation. But where were his cousins? You know, the ones that had never been to this church and didn’t know where they were going? We sent the 9 year-old back for them; Crossed in front of congregation.
9 year-old came back with his 6 year-old cousin; Crossed in front of congregation. No 3 year-old cousin. Trouble. 6 year-old volunteered to go get him; Crossed in front of congregation.
6 year-old returned; Crossed in front of congregation. No 3 year-old brother. I get a bad feeling.
Meanwhile, the children have crossed back and forth in front of the chancel and the entire congregation no less than 6 times. It was like a very slow, distracting tennis match…with an Easter service behind it. Did I mention the spilled water? And jelly bean negotiations? And we were still down a child.
We stared at the side door, willing Buddy to come through it. He did not. No. He came through another door. On the chancel.
Buddy came through the celebrant’s door. In the middle of the chancel. During service.
He was holding a little cup of water and walked very carefully (read: painfully slowly) across the chancel, down the beautiful wooden steps , crossed in front of the altar and pastor, and finally into our pew.
I have no idea if the pastor or congregation reacted. There was too much mortified whooshing in my ears and my head was buried in my hands (I didn’t want anybody to see me laugh).
Afterwards a parishioner who neither I nor my sister knew, came up to me and said, “I loved it when your son walked down the steps during the service! That reminded me of all the little children in my life and how precious they are. Thank you for making this Easter Sunday a very special one.”
Easter win?


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2 thoughts on “Unauthorized Participation in Easter Sunday Services

  1. Awww…. that’s a good reaction. At our old church, the little kids used to get up in service and dance in front of the stage, lol. It started with just the worship pastor’s little girl, because both parents were madly over-worked and couldn’t keep her in her seat all the time. Then the other little kids started doing it. Nobody minded, it was really cute. 🙂

  2. Awww, so cute!

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