The Fourth Is Strong with This One

Dear Buddy,

You are a Star Wars fan. You like Star Wars Rebels, Lego Star Wars, and Angry Bird Star Wars (app). If there is a permutation of Star Wars, chances are you will like it.


Yours is a Star Wars bike. It makes tie fighter and laser sounds!

You are an even bigger Darth Vader fan. I think mostly because of the black mask and cape. Basically he looks like Batman to you only he has a light saber, so he can kick Batman’s butt. I’m not entirely sure if you know he’s a bad guy. I’m pretty sure it doesn’t make a lick of difference to you.


Good morning, mother.

So, when May 4th (Star Wars Day) rolled around recently, I seriously considered showing you Star Wars the movie for the first time. After all, you are four years old now; I’m practically depriving you if I wait any longer, right?

Your father and I decided it was time, so on May 5th we popped up some popcorn, found our old Episode IV: A New Hope DVD, and waited for the magic to happen…


You were glued to the screen. Just a few minutes in it happened: Darth Vader appeared.

“Darth Vader!” you shouted like a good little groupie. Darth breathed heavily in and out. “He’s saying my name!” Because your actual name does sound a lot like his mechanical breathing machine (which is obviously why we choose it).


The rest of the movie went well, even if it didn’t hold your attention 100%. Kitten and Daddy actually left to make an ice cream run at one point, but you and I stayed so we didn’t miss a single light saber battle.

Every time someone fired up their light saber, you scrambled for yours and tried to sword fight with your sister, or the dog, or the TV. Your sister was amused until you smacked her across the fingers, the dog was not amused in the slightest, and no one was amused when you came dangerously close to not only finishing the movie, but the TV altogether.

All-in-all a good time was had by all! The force is still strong with this one 🙂


Thanks, Mom!

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3 thoughts on “The Fourth Is Strong with This One

  1. Fun memories!

  2. I cannot wait until it’s “time” to share that with my kids. I just don’t know that my gang is there yet.

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