Follow-up: I’ve Got My Eyes On You

Dear Buddy,

Recently you let us know that you felt your bed was watching you via the many knots in your knotty pine bed. Bummer.

So, I decided to take care of that for you…




…you seem to like it.  πŸ™‚

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7 thoughts on “Follow-up: I’ve Got My Eyes On You

  1. Mary Jones

    NICE, Meg!

  2. This is a mommy win!

  3. Love this! Felix has a set of Star Wars linens, too, but won’t let me put them on his bed instead of Lightning McQueen. Ok. I really ordered them for me.

    • I am so excited about his love of Darth Vader πŸ™‚ I want to buy everything Star Wars now!

      • I can’t wait until we can watch the first 3 movies (not the latest 3 which were crap). I think they’re still a bit too intense for my crowd.

      • We showed our kids the original three for the first time this year at ages 4 & 6. They weren’t scared, although I suddenly wished Princess Leia was wearing more clothes when she was hanging out with Jabba!

  4. BarbaraOttke


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