Slacker Blogger: Jump-starting Those Blogging Juices

Dear Readers,

Recently – okay, this past year really – I’ve been a slacker blogger. I went from blogging nearly every day my first year, to blogging – what? – twice a month now? It’s sad. I can blame many things…and let’s go ahead and do that…

I blame: My Job. I got a new job a year ago which has much more stringent guidelines on what you can and cannot do on your work computer. Blogging at work? Out. And out went my cushy blogging routine. I used to log in daily at my old job and post something. I used to look forward to the slow season when I could crank out lots of extra blog posts to save for later. It was a lovely routine…gone now. (I love my job, but I miss my blog!)

I blame: My Kids. They got older. Can you believe that?? And now I think twice and even thrice before I put something up here that might embarrass them. Embarrassing stories about a toddler? Bring it! Toddlers are expected to do adorable, strange things that both mortify and entertain. But an embarrassing story about a first ggder? Now we’re treading a fine line. I’ve always held that you shouldn’t put anything on the internet that you wouldn’t want your mother, your boss, and your subject (ie: my kids) to read. Because chances are, they will at some point. So, I’m filtering like crazy over here now. There goes all my material!!

I blame: My Stamina. I was really going great guns there for a couple of years. I was writing daily, submitting queries to publishers like clockwork (and almost always hearing no or nothing, but you gotta try, right?). I was publishing books (8 in 5 years! Check them out!). But somehow I’ve lost my steam. Where my creative juices used to flow there is a barren desert replete with tumbleweed. I can feel myself losing my vocabulary. It sucks. I want my mojo back.

My writing muscle has atrophied. I need to get it back. I need strength-training.

Here’s my plan: I’m setting my blogging goal at once a week and I’m going to prompt myself by picking a picture from my recent photo folder on my phone. 1) pick photo, 2) write about it. No excuses.

Don’t expect J.K. Rowling or Jodi Picoult to pop out, but the first step to becoming a better writer is…writing. Anything.

Here we go!


This is my determined face.

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2 thoughts on “Slacker Blogger: Jump-starting Those Blogging Juices

  1. Welcome “back!” I had noticed you’d gone rather quiet, although depending on the week I’m one to talk!!

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