Who’s Wrapped Around Whose Finger?

Dear Kitten,

Yesterday was Pumpkin Day at school. Everyone was invited to wear orange and black and then the classes will be having a pumpkin carving competition. You were very excited. Plus there was early dismissal…that helps.

You got up and were dressed before I got out of bed. You were wearing: a pink shirt, teal pants, and pink Hello Kitty socks. Not exactly what I was expecting for Pumpkin Day.

“Sweetheart, why aren’t you wearing orange and black?”

“I am! See? One of these flowers on my shirt is orange and Hello Kitty’s eyes are black.” How could I have missed that? You’re practically a walking jack-o-lantern.

“Honey, I think you should wear a bit more than that. Don’t you have an orange shirt?”


“Let’s check.”

I proceed to produce two orange shirts from her dresser and a new pair of dark, sparkly pants. It is a stellar outfit, if I do say so myself.

“What do you think?”

“It’s perfect!”

“So you’ll change?”

“No. I like this outfit.”

I throw up my hands. “Fine. Wear whatever you want. Sorry I tried to get you into the spirit. My bad. I’m going to go put on my orange shirt. Excuse me.”

She follows me and compliments me on the “orangeness” of my shirt. She shows me again that she, too, is “wearing orange”. I invite her again to wear a whole, entire orange shirt like me. Again, she declines.

Her father walks in. “Oh. You’re not wearing orange today, Sweetie?”

She literally jumps off my bed. “I’ll go change!” she happily shouts and appears seconds later in the outfit I selected.

“You look nice.” her daddy says.

“Thanks, Dad. It’s Pumpkin Day!”

I stand there with my mouth open. “Excuse me? What just happened?”

Freaking daddy’s girl, man…


See all that orange?

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